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Live digital event on social networks

Focus on the second edition of the Space Festival in Meudon: live broadcast on Instagram and Facebook.

Once again ATAWA was at the center of a special event: the second edition of the Space Festival in Meudon in October 2020 at the Center for Art and Culture. In view of the health situation, the event was broadcast on social networks.


An unprecedented event in the context of the health crisis

For the second consecutive year, the Stars Up Festival, a festival about space and the stars, was scheduled to take place on October 3rd at the Meudon Observatory. The aim of this event is to bring together numerous scientific speakers and other contributors who are popularising their research or simply evoking their passion: the stars.

Atawa had moreover participated in the organization of the previous edition with the installation of ephemeral structures, lighting as well as sanitary cabins in the park of the Observatory of Meudon. In 2020, the festival was to take place once again outdoors with the installation of a large stage, a giant screen, a village of tents, a refreshment bar, hot-air balloons...

Atawa - Live streaming conferences Meudon


However, as the health situation prevented any gathering of people, a parade had to be found so as not to endanger the volunteers, organizers, speakers and viewers.
The organizer and Atawa therefore chose to hold the event in 4 sessions with a restricted audience of 200 people and to transform the festival into a virtual event in the form of a TV set broadcast live on the internet.
A whole video capture system, but also lighting, decoration and sound system were set up to give life to the conference room and make the virtual festival a unique and interactive moment.


A live broadcast on social networks open to all

The various conferences and round tables were filmed and then shared in streaming thanks to a complete high quality capture device: from cameras, to video return and monitoring, and sound recording. In addition, a technical control room was also set up in order to show the various presentations, films and animations throughout the festival, all orchestrated by a topper.

These were projected on a large 15m2 led wall screen, in order to fully immerse the audience in the starry atmosphere of the event.

With the aim of reaching the widest possible audience, the organisers had to choose the most suitable distribution platform. They therefore naturally opted for live streaming sharing on the Facebook and Instagram networks. Atawa therefore carefully installed a broadcast encoder to link the stream of images from the cameras to the social networks. As the festival took place throughout the day, the live streaming was broadcast on computers as well as on mobile phones.


Atawa - Digital event with live broadcast of conferences


A successful digital festival thanks to exceptional speakers and technical team

Thanks to the excellence of the 4G connection, it was possible to bring star specialists located on the other side of the world, such as astrophysicist Hubert Reeves, to work in duplex mode. Numerous well-known personalities took part in the live conferences, such as Eric Sera and Valérie Pecresse.

Moreover, the entire virtual event went off without a hitch thanks to Atawa's mobilization of a team on the ground: a set technician, two cameramen, a director, a sound engineer and a technician all intervened to make the viewers dream and make them live a unique fairy-tale experience.


Atawa - Video capture solution for all virtual events


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Written by Perrine - February 18, 2021

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